Sweboat - för företag i branschen

What do we do?

The list of tasks and activities are long. Here we try to give a short version of them all.

Öpnna Varv 2009
Fotograf: Mathias Herneson
Contact with public bodies, lobbying
Sweboat looks after the industry’s interests via contacts with the national government, parliament, other regulatory authorities and representative organisations.
Sweboat works actively towards realistic solutions to environmental issues in agreement with the industry, consumers and authorities.
Marketing activities
Sweboat is responsible for joint marketing activities for the industry, e.g. boat shows, information on the Internet and campaigns to entice more people to go boating.
Boat Show Activities
Sweboat organises two floating boat shows yearly. “Open Yards at Ourst” on the west coast in August and ”All at Sea” in Gustavsberg och the east coast in end of August beginning of September.
Sweboat handles the industry’s joint contacts with the boat shows in Gothenburg and Stockholm by right of long-term agreements.
European Union
Sweboat works actively with the European Union on issues which affect the marine industry.

Sweboat is responsible for joint trade fair participation on behalf of the industry, as well as contacts with foreign journalists, and for arranging business contacts in connection with export/import enquiries.
An example is the annual Swedish Pavilion at METS Trade, the world’s largest exhibition in marine equipment, in Amsterdam.
Sweboat appoints the industry’s representatives in the Council for Marine Safety, the General Complaints Board, SIS technical committees and similar organisations.
Sweboat handles the industry’s contact with media and endeavours to increase the coverage of boats and boating in the media, with particular emphasis on radio and TV.
International Co-operation
Sweboat plays an active part in the work of ICOMIA, the international Council of Marine Industry Associations, of which Sweboat is a member.
Development of Standards
Sweboat participates actively in national and international standardisation projects conducted through SIS and ISO/CEN.
Information and education
Sweboat provides regular information for its members and the industry in general in the form of web site, trade magazine, newsletters, seminars and regional meetings.
Sweboat also arranges industry-specific educations.
Membership Benefits
Sweboat offers products and services to member companies on advantageous term sand at reduced prices.
Sweboat supports member companies by providing expertise in such areas as technology, law and tax regulations.
Sweboat is involved in the compilation, production and distribution of national and international market statistics.
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