Sweboat - för företag i branschen

This is Sweboat

Sweboat, The Swedish Marine Industries
Federation, is the trade organisation representing the Swedish Marine Industry.

Fotograf: Mathias Herneson

The principal objectives of the Federation are:
  • to promote and protect the common interest of the recreational marine industry
  • to create favourable working conditions for the industry
  • to be the voice of the industry
  • to promote awareness of the important role of the industry
  • to create a positive attitude towards boating

The following groups, which together have around 400 member companies, form Sweboat:
  • The Boat Producers (BT)
  • The Marine Engine group (MMG)
  • The Marine Equipment group (TG)
  • The Marine Dealers (MH)
  • The Swedish Boat Yards and Marinas (SVF)
  • The Ass. of Marina Equipment Manufacturers (SBLF)
  • Education and Organisations(UO)
  • Finance and Insurance Group (FFG)
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